Better Blogging.

Laughs and learning were on the menu at Industry Bakery on March 16, 2016¬†when more than 30 young bloggers came together to get better at blogging. Presentations from some of Joburg’s best bloggers was the perfect follow-up for AwethuArt, after a successful bloggers’ meetup a few months earlier. The Better Blogging event was organised and MC’d by Naeemah Dhudan. A few months earlier she co-organised … Continue reading Better Blogging.

10 Bloggers, 10 Blogs

It was like speed dating, but for blogs. On 26 Nov 2015, AwethuArt hosted its first bloggers’ networking event at Industry Bakery in Greenside. At the intimate event, 10 very different bloggers came together to share their common blogging hopes and challenges. They had the chance to look at each other’s blogs to get to know one another better, share tips and tricks and connect … Continue reading 10 Bloggers, 10 Blogs