Poets in the City 2: Superheroes

AwethuArt’s second poetry event asked poets to reflect and share their thoughts on Superheroes! On Friday, 5 August 2016, poets gathered at Industry Bakery once again for a night of love and sharing. Saaleha, Mawethu, Maneo and Flava 97 kept the audience on the edge of their seats, enraptured by every word they spoke. Stories were shared and the room became one, united in their appreciation for … Continue reading Poets in the City 2: Superheroes

Better Blogging.

Laughs and learning were on the menu at Industry Bakery on March 16, 2016 when more than 30 young bloggers came together to get better at blogging. Presentations from some of Joburg’s best bloggers was the perfect follow-up for AwethuArt, after a successful bloggers’ meetup a few months earlier. The Better Blogging event was organised and MC’d by Naeemah Dhudan. A few months earlier she co-organised … Continue reading Better Blogging.

10 Bloggers, 10 Blogs

It was like speed dating, but for blogs. On 26 Nov 2015, AwethuArt hosted its first bloggers’ networking event at Industry Bakery in Greenside. At the intimate event, 10 very different bloggers came together to share their common blogging hopes and challenges. They had the chance to look at each other’s blogs to get to know one another better, share tips and tricks and connect … Continue reading 10 Bloggers, 10 Blogs

Poets in the City

Awethu Art presented a night of poetry at Industry Bakery on 22 Sept 2015. Our second event was also sold out and the love in the room was phenomenal. The marvellously crafted words of some of the city’s best young poets gave us much to reflect on. Themes of love and feminism, spirituality to dealing with racism were all touched on and the audience was touched … Continue reading Poets in the City

The Hajji & Made in China

  Curious about making films in Joburg? The first event to kick off the AwethuArt collective was aimed at bringing those interested in making film face-to-face with those who have done it before. Our screening of The Hajji and Made in China followed by a panel discussion with those involved in their making was a hit with the venue sold out and conversation lasting well … Continue reading The Hajji & Made in China


Calling all the good, creative people, Welcome to AwethuArt, an artistic collective bringing together young, energetic, creative types looking to meet fellow artists and develop their creative talents. Be you a poet, dancer, graphic designer, painter, sculptor, comedian or someone who doodles instead of taking lecture notes AwethuArt is a place for you and from you. We’re looking to do meet-ups, screenings, workshops for young … Continue reading Aweh!