About AwethuArt

AwethuArt is an artistic collective founded in July 2015, in Johannesburg. As a group of young people, we were tired of tired stories being told in tired ways and wanted a space to create and express ourselves, create our own narrative and not be boring.

It’s important for us that art is relevant, accessible and affordable. We aim to increase the production of art that is for communities and from communities. Our aim is to create art that will help us to shape our own narratives and explore our conflicts. Our events aim to break down the barriers between artist and audience. We aim to encourage everyone to recognise their potential to be producers of creative content and not just consumers of it. Events are affordable and as far as possible we aim to host them in public ospaces.

As a group, we partner with a variety of artists and community organisations to host events that build community. Our events are for young people to present, collaborate, learn from one another, share ideas and build networks that will support their artistic development. If you’d like to partner with us please contact us with your project or event idea.

Aware to Art

Aweh to Art

Awethu Art


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