Better Blogging.

Laughs and learning were on the menu at Industry Bakery on March 16, 2016 when more than 30 young bloggers came together to get better at blogging.

Presentations from some of Joburg’s best bloggers was the perfect follow-up for AwethuArt, after a successful bloggers’ meetup a few months earlier. The Better Blogging event was organised and MC’d by Naeemah Dhudan. A few months earlier she co-organised the first meet-up but took full ownership of this event and it was inspiring to see her dedication to building the blogging community come to life.

The presentations on photography, writing, curating content, web-layout and monetising your blog were all incredibly well-received. New bloggers gathered around to eagerly take in the knowledge, wisdom and experience being shared and it was it was clear from the discussions that the presenters were learning a great deal from each other too.

Our deepest gratitude to all the presenters who came through to make the night possible and the sponsors who allowed for some give-aways.

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