The Hajji & Made in China

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Curious about making films in Joburg?

The first event to kick off the AwethuArt collective was aimed at bringing those interested in making film face-to-face with those who have done it before. Our screening of The Hajji and Made in China followed by a panel discussion with those involved in their making was a hit with the venue sold out and conversation lasting well into the night.

The screening took place on 1 Sept 2015 at Industry Bakery in Greenside and had over 100 people in attendance. The discussion was a lively reflection on the themes of the short films screened and the process of film-making in South Africa.

An effortless facilitation of the discussion by Mumtaaz Mahomed Peerbhay and Sarah Chu from  Unreel Media paved the way for the audience to engage freely with the cast and crew of both films. As the evening’s formal proceedings ended, informal conversation flowed and many new connections were made, including one that led to AwethuArt’s graffiti workshop just a few months later.

The event itself was captured by the lead actor in The Hajji, Faheem Khan, through Create Your Alternative Media:


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