10 Bloggers, 10 Blogs

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It was like speed dating, but for blogs.

On 26 Nov 2015, AwethuArt hosted its first bloggers’ networking event at Industry Bakery in Greenside. At the intimate event, 10 very different bloggers came together to share their common blogging hopes and challenges. They had the chance to look at each other’s blogs to get to know one another better, share tips and tricks and connect with the broader blogging community.

Many of the attendees were new to the blogging space so, to encourage them in their endeavours, we printed a set of business cards for each of them.

Since the event the bloggers have kept in touch, sharing opportunities and collaborating to develop themselves and the Johannesburg blogging community.

Have a look at what Turbans & Twists had to say about the night and check out the event write-up by Modern Gypsy Diaries.

Up-and-coming photographer Mumtaaz Cajee was on hand to capture some of the scenes from the evening (above).


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